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At Nolletti Law Group, our mission is to nurture a culture of excellence in the practice of family law. Our White Plains divorce lawyers provide extraordinary work product, resources, and legendary client service to high-net-worth individuals in marriage dissolution. Our experienced lawyers help clients with separation, divorce, custody, child support, maintenance/alimony, property division, and related tax issues. We serve clients in White Plains, Westchester County, and neighboring counties, including Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Nassau, and New York.

Producing extraordinary work is a combination of technical quality (“How good is the work product?”), and service quality (“Did the client have a positive experience in dealing with the law firm?”). We ensure quality service through regular performance evaluations, and by always placing the client first. We know that clients value a law firm of divorce lawyers who treat them with respect, empathize with their current situation, are sensitive to their respective needs, and respond promptly to all of their questions and concerns.

Each member of our team of White Plains divorce lawyers knows the role they must play in a client’s case, how their responsibilities relate to and complement the efforts and duties of other teammates, as well as when it is necessary to take specific action to achieve our client’s objectives. Working as a practiced team enables us to move our cases forward as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We share common goals at Nolletti Law Group. We are a highly collaborative team, meeting regularly to review the status of our cases and our clients’ questions and concerns.

Our Team of Experienced Divorce Lawyers

James J. Nolletti

James J. Nolletti

James J. Nolletti is an accomplished negotiator and litigator with over three decades of wide-ranging experience in matrimonial and family law cases.

Alexandra M. Maxwell

Alexandra M. Maxwell

Alexandra M. Maxwell finds ingenious solutions to complicated divorce issues – especially those involving complex financial or children’s issues.

William V. Cally

William V. Cally

William V. Cally has over 24 years’ experience practicing matrimonial and family law, offering litigation, arbitration, mediation, and collaborative divorce.

Client Testimonials

Jim Nolletti is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and reliable. He responded quickly to my calls and emails. I knew he was always looking out for my best interests. Jim made me feel comfortable by answering all my questions and making sure I understood everything. He is a great lawyer and I would recommend him 100%.

Mr. Nolletti brought our grandson home. Our son was first denied visitation with his son who was taken out of state by his mother without notification and refused to give us her new address. James Nolletti found them and had family court order the return of the child to his home jurisdiction and appear in court. On the day of the court appearance she fled once again with our baby grandson. Mr. Nolletti had the court issue warrants immediately and within 12 hours working with his tenacious and caring legal firm found them half way across the country with the help of local and federal authorities. He then orchestrated with his powerful connections the surrender and safe return of our grandson. Thank you, Uncle Jim!

I cannot recommend Mr. Nolletti highly enough. He helped me through a very hard time making my problem easier than I expected. He is compassionate, knowledgeable and fair. Anyone that needs a good attorney Mr. Nolletti is the best.

Simply put Mr. Nolletti is the very best at what he does. Communication was incredible, always felt as though I was being well taken care of. Through his incredible knowledge of the proceedings and his sincerity and honest attention, JJN brought me through an incredibly rough divorce. I have recommended him to many family members as well as friends and will continue to do so. Would never turn to anybody else.

Jim drafted my prenup and not only did an outstanding job, but came up with some creative language that I would have never thought of myself. Jim obviously goes above and beyond to protect his clients’ best interests. Jim is also a nice man with a great personality. I have also used other areas of the firm for estate planning, and again, was very pleased with the results.

I had a very challenging divorce and my attorney stuck with me and got it done!!!!

When seeking an attorney to represent me in my divorce I asked a close friend to refer me to the best matrimonial attorney he knew in Westchester County. He referred me to Jim Nolletti. From the time I hired Jim, and throughout his representation of me, I had every confidence that he would achieve the best possible result for me and he lived up to that expectation. He was responsive and extremely focused in all of my dealings with him and returned all phone calls and emails promptly. During a very emotional proceeding I found his strong and confident style to be extremely comforting and effective at getting results. He and his staff were always well prepared and knowledgeable. Jim’s reputation as one of Westchester’s top matrimonial attorneys is well earned and deserved.
Jim is the finest of attorneys. He is extremely knowledgeable, well-versed, tenacious, honest, and thorough. He is committed to providing exceptional representation for his clients and continually has exceeded my expectations. Jim undeniably has an excellent reputation and prides himself on this. He is one of the best divorce attorneys in Westchester County. He is confident, intelligent, articulate and always well prepared. He strategizes with great thought and anticipates various scenarios. His relationships with personnel in the courts and other attorneys is excellent. Jim has an incredible staff of attorneys, paralegal and legal secretary. He has a full array of resources available to him that enable him to act with precision. He and his staff are always accessible and are committed their to clients. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Jim. The peace of mind and comfort I have had with his representation and experience has been amazing. He is the best.
Mr. Nolletti is fair and balanced. He is extremely intelligent, provides clear direction, and does not misrepresent facts. I strongly recommend Mr. Nolletti’s customer-orientated services.

When I came to Jim’s firm, my custody case regarding my son was in terrible shape. He has worked tirelessly to turn my son’s situation around. It is a complex, high conflict situation, and he has handled it with care, determination and strength. I cannot express my gratitude other than to say, he has saved both me and my son in many ways. He continues to represent me. My trust in him is complete. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is smart, works until every detail is covered, connected, clever and passionate. He’s also very honest. He’s tough as nails and compassionate. In terms of other reviews that have commented his fees were unfair, my response is you get what you pay for. You may find a cheaper attorney, but you’ll spend the rest of your life undoing the harm they do if they don’t do a good job and much more money in the end. Hire the best lawyer you can afford. I would recommend Jim without hesitation.

Mr. Nolletti represented me in a divorce action recently. He is extremely knowledgeable in Divorce and Family law, has excellent communication skills and is tenacious without being obnoxious. He is very thorough and demands high quality of work from himself and his staff. My particular case went to trial and throughout the proceedings Mr. Nolletti was extremely well prepared, organized and knowledgeable. He is comfortable in the courtroom and knows the judges, clerks and other court personnel very well. He demanded that I generate detailed documentation in preparation for a possible trial which paid for itself many times over. All of the preparation that he required together with his abilities ended up in an outcome that was even better than I had anticipated. The ultimate compliment was when the opposing attorney’s friend needed a divorce lawyer; the opposing attorney recommended Mr. Nolletti! I guess it doesn’t get better than that! I highly recommend him with no reservations.

My choice to utilize Mr. Nolletti as my divorce attorney was not only based upon his impeccable reputation, but also his character. Mr. Nolletti is both sensitive and objective. He was always willing to listen to and respond to my concerns and questions. He was very straightforward about all aspects of the divorce. As the process can be intimidating, Mr. Nolletti minimized that aspect and I felt very secure and safe. Communication was constant and reassuring. Mr. Nolletti is a strong, experienced lawyer who fought for my best interests. I never had to worry, and was therefore able to focus my time and energy towards the emotional and psychological aspects of my divorce. I felt comfortable enough to begin looking forward to my new life. There is no doubt in my mind, nor was there ever, that I chose the right attorney.

Mr. Nolletti has been my attorney for a year and a half in my divorce. He is the third attorney I have used during the three years my case has been going on. By far, he is the most knowledgeable and organized among all of the attorneys with whom I have come across, and truly cares about his clients. The only person who would ever have a negative to thing to say would be the opposing party since his performance has been far better than all the other attorneys I have seen.

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Offering Clients Peace of Mind and Security

We offer peace of mind and security to clients facing divorce who have a lot at stake. Because our clients or their spouses are often successful business owners, executives, and professionals whose finances are complex, we have assembled a network of experts – which include business and asset valuators, forensic accountants, tax specialists, vocational experts, and others – to assist when necessary. We thoroughly vet these experts, who help our divorce lawyers provide effective advocacy in complex financial matters in order to minimize our clients’ financial risks.

Nolletti Law Group is proud to provide superb communication with our clients, and our lines of communication are open outside of business hours to handle unexpected developments in a client’s case. Our team of White Plains divorce lawyers understands that emergencies are part of life – and unfortunately, emergencies are not set to occur and unfold between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Our clients take comfort in knowing that we are available to them irrespective of whether our White Plains, New York office is open for business at a given time or on a given day.

We take great pride in our culture of excellence at Nolletti Law Group, and we are pleased that our clients reap the benefits.

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