Alexandra M. Maxwell

Alexandra Maxwell admitted to the Connecticut bar in 2005, and the New York bar in 2006

Rashel Zywica

Rashel Zywica understands how to protect clients’ interests in high-net-worth divorce situations.

Nussair P. Habboush

Nussair finds great satisfaction in putting his skills to work helping clients.

Joseph Brettschneider

Joseph Brettschneider, Esq. is an experienced matrimonial attorney.

James J. Nolletti

Mr. Nolletti, a Fellow of The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the International Academy of Family Lawyers

Theresa A. Girolamo

Of Counsel to Nolletti Law Group, PLLC. Ms. Girolamo has practiced primarily in the areas of matrimonial, family law and real estate.

White Plains Divorce Attorneys: Four Core Strengths

Nolletti Law Group divorce attorneys have four core strengths, which begin with competency, hard-work, and focus. Our White Plains divorce attorneys work as part of a team, whose focus is on our mission to maintain a culture of excellence in providing an extraordinary legal work product and legendary client service to our divorcing clients who have a lot at stake.

The second core strength is communication and collegiality. Our team’s shared approach includes an open willingness to collaborate with one another to obtain valuable input for the benefit of our clients. We trust our fellow team members to be smart, up-to-date on the latest case law and precedents, and to make an invaluable contribution to the unique needs and challenges of our clients.

The third core strength is loyalty and respect between our attorneys and our clients. Clients recognize and appreciate being treated with respect, and being acknowledged as integral parts of a team whose shared purpose is to attain a most favorable outcome for them and their children. We trust in our clients, and our clients trust in us to help them make the wisest decisions possible throughout their divorce proceeding.

The final core strength is accountability. Successful law firms demand of their team to willingly take responsibility for their actions, both positive and negative. A lack of accountability breeds apathy and complacency, which in turn creates feelings of anger, frustration, and distrust in a client. Each member of our team understands their role; they know what is expected of them, and they are fully committed to carrying out and abiding by the policies and procedures of Nolletti Law Group on a daily basis.

Smart, Skilled, and Experienced Divorce Attorneys

There is no room for mediocrity at this law firm. The White Plains divorce attorneys at Nolletti Law Group understand that average results are unbecoming, and therefore, unacceptable. When we decide to bring new divorce attorneys into the firm, our recruiting focuses on smart, skilled, and experienced attorneys who are also team players. From their very first day, each member of our team understands that we do not set any average expectations; we expect excellence every day, and in every case.