High-Net-Worth Divorce FAQs

What Is a High-Net-Worth Divorce?

Helping Clients Prepare for Divorce

Mistakes in High-Net-Worth Divorces

Expenses to Be Taken into Account

Challenges High-Net-Worth Clients Might Face

Asset Valuation & Distribution Issues

Paying Additional Spousal Maintenance

Inherited Property and Divorce

1st Step After Being Served with Divorce Papers

Resolving a High-Conflict Divorce

Why Disclosure Is Important in Divorce

What Is Discovery During Divorce?

Spouse’s Stock Options & Divorce

Executive Compensation & Divorce Settlements

Property Division FAQs

How Does Someone Hide Assets?

Using Forensic Accountants in Divorce

Can Separate Property Become Marital?

Financial Misbehavior/Fraud in Divorce

Marital vs. Separate Property in NY

Tax Implications in Divorce Settlements

Can You Prevent a Spouse from Hiding Assets?

Rules Regarding Asset Division

When to Hire a Business Valuator

Divorce Process FAQs

How Long Does the Divorce Process Take in NY?

Steps After Being Served with Divorce Papers

How Our Culture of Excellence Impacts Clients

Pitfalls to Avoid in the Divorce Process

Why Hire Financial or Other Experts?

How Adultery Could Impact Your Divorce

Divorce Litigation FAQs

The Benefits of Divorce Litigation

When is Divorce Litigation the Right Choice?

Domestic Violence and Divorce Litigation

Litigation: Trial vs. Out-of-Court Settlement

Child Custody FAQs

Moving to Another State with Children

Can Long Workdays Impact Child Custody?

How to Interact with a Psychologist Regarding Custody

Stopping a Parent from Moving with Children

Marital Lifestyle and Divorce

How Is Parenting Time Determined in NY?

What Expenses Does Child Support Cover?

Income Fluctuation and Child Support

When Does Child Support Typically End?

Contested Divorce

What are the Benefits of Divorce Litigation?