White Plains Family Law Firm Providing Quality Service for High-Net-Worth Clients

At Nolletti Law Group, a White Plains family law firm, we are proud to offer peace of mind and security to our clients. Peace of mind is a rare commodity in a high-stakes divorce. Most people undergoing a divorce believe that they have a lot at stake. In the case of a high-net-worth divorce, though, individuals have exponentially more at risk.

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The dividing line between a divorce and a high-net-worth divorce is a crucial distinction. Typically, it marks the difference between those who need unexceptional divorce representation and those who absolutely require superior expertise and care from talented family law attorneys experienced in handling complex financial issues.

Our high-net-worth clients place a premium on quality service, and our culture of excellence demands that we, as one of the best White Plains family law firm, deliver superior work and client service in a most efficient manner. Additionally, our White Plains divorce lawyers offer expanded-hours accessibility; optimized client communication; and secure, paperless document management for our clients’ convenience.

With offices in White Plains, New York, Nolletti Law Group offers family law and matrimonial litigation to high-net-worth clients in Westchester County, and neigboring counties including New York, Putnam, DutchessRockland, and Nassau.

The Nolletti Law Group Advantage

Best Lawyers, white plains family law firmThrough intelligent planning, attention to detail, and meticulous preparation, our White Plains divorce lawyers often attain clients’ objectives in our cases without having to step foot into a courtroom. However, we prepare every case “in anticipation of trial” – or, worded differently, as though it ultimately will be tried. Our courtroom experience and expertise have helped us achieve positive results in numerous and notable cases.

We are a team of family lawyers who assist high-net-worth individuals to successfully navigate the minefields of divorce. Our well-defined purpose is to protect the best interest of our clients’ children, while minimizing our clients’ legal and financial risks throughout the divorce process.

With decades of divorce litigation and advocacy experience, the team of divorce lawyers and paralegals at Nolletti Law Group, a White Plains divorce law firm, combine superior qualifications, credentials, trial advocacy experience, and courtroom prowess with unmatched organization, preparation, and access to an exceptional network of experts.

The Firm’s environment fosters harmonious and effective cooperation between all members of the Nolletti Law Group “team”: from our divorce lawyers, to the paralegals, to all other employees who support them, we work as a cooperative team – which enables us to move a client’s case forward as quickly and efficiently as possible while ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Nolletti Law Group’s Network of Top Experts

Many of our clients and/or their spouses are successful executives, professionals, partners in a professional practice, or business owners. Their finances are typically quite complex, so we have assembled a network of experts to help create and support our case strategies to achieve our clients’ goals.

We have thoroughly vetted these experts to ensure the quality of their work, their professionalism, and their discretion. Our network includes:

    • Business and other Asset Valuators
    • Tax Specialists
    • Forensic Accountants
    • Certified Divorce Financial Analysts
    • Mental-Health Experts
    • Private Investigators
    • Vocational Experts
    • Other professionals who frequently work with high-net-worth individuals

These first-rate professionals help us provide effective advocacy in complex financial matters, minimizing our clients’ financial risks as we work towards their objectives.

At Nolletti Law Group, our White Plains divorce lawyers use all resources available to provide our clients with the security and peace of mind which come from knowing that they are represented by a team of assertive, client-centered divorce attorneys and professionals with substantial experience in efficiently handling complex matrimonial litigation that involves significant assets.

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Whether you are considering initiating a divorce or have been served with divorce papers, make sure you contact our family law firm for an initial consultation so that you understand your rights and responsibilities, what is at stake, and can begin to explore your options. It is also important for you to know the immediate next steps you'll need to take to protect your family and financial assets. Give us a call at 914-831-7000, or fill out the form below. We we will arrange a time that is most suitable for you to meet with us. We promise to listen, treat you respectfully and address your questions and concerns in the privacy of our White Plains family law firm office.