James Nolletti’s 11-Year Consecutive Achievement from Best Lawyers in America®

The team at Nolletti Law Group is pleased to report that our Founder and Managing Partner, James Nolletti, has been selected for inclusion in Best Lawyers in America yet again for 2024. This edition will be the 30th-anniversary edition of the peer review report released in partnership with the U.S. News organization.

Because rankings in Best Lawyers® publications are based solely on reviews from other attorneys in the field, the selection is a mark of great respect within the legal field. Once included on the Best Lawyers list, an attorney will be automatically nominated for inclusion the following year, but the nomination must be voted on and receive top ratings from practitioners for that attorney to receive recognition again.

“I’m honored that my colleagues in the legal profession have demonstrated such confidence in my abilities as an attorney,” James observed. “When you consider the number of talented attorneys in the field of family law, it means a lot to be rated so highly every year.”

How Best Lawyers Selects Attorneys

The selection process at Best Lawyers starts with a nomination. In this case, James was automatically nominated because he’s received recognition in previous years, but attorneys can also be nominated by clients, other lawyers, or professionals in related fields. However, voting on the nominated candidates is limited to attorneys who are considered leaders in their respective fields of practice. Best Lawyers operates under the premise that the quality of the peer review process is determined by the quality of those who are casting votes.

They designed the peer review process to collect leading lawyers’ consensus opinion about the skills and abilities of their peers practicing the same field of law in the same geographic region. Voting attorneys are asked to rate each candidate based on the confidence they would feel if they were to refer a case to that candidate. Ratings range from one to five.

Candidates who receive the highest ratings are selected for inclusion in Best Lawyers of America. If a voting attorney is asked to rate a candidate they are not familiar with, they are expected to abstain from voting. The process is designed to rate the abilities of each candidate based on informed opinions of peers who are in the best position to understand the qualities that make an attorney effective in each particular field.

Dedication to Excellence

Colleagues at Nolletti Law Group and those outside the firm credit Jim’s consistently strong reputation in the legal field to his dedication to excellence. His enduring commitment to finding the best client-centered solutions is shared throughout the team, so that the firm has become known for finding creative, effective, and discreet answers to some of the greatest challenges in family law.

“I’d like to thank my peers for selecting me for this honor,” James noted. “And I’d also like to thank our wonderful clients who work so hard to cooperate with our requests. Because you give your best to us, we are able to achieve better results for you. We all come out ahead.”