James Nolletti Rated at Highest Level of Professional Excellence by Martindale-Hubbell

Martindale-Hubbell first started rating attorneys based on their ethical practices and legal skills in 1887. To ensure the integrity of its rating system, the company created an evaluation process that included the opinions of lawyers practicing in the same area as well as reviews from clients.

135 years later, the process for collecting and evaluating reviews has evolved, but the goal remains the same. The company seeks to help clients find attorneys with the highest ethical standards and outstanding legal abilities.

So when Martindale-Hubbell announced that they were bestowing their highest rating on James Nolletti once again for 2022, the team at Nolletti Law Group appreciated the honor that this represents for our firm. Even though he has been ranked by Martindale-Hubbell as a top attorney with an AV Preeminent Rating several times in the past, each acknowledgment reaffirms the triumph of his devotion to the field of family law.

Recognition in the New York Law Journal

James Nolletti’s selection as a 2022 Top Rated Lawyer will be highlighted in an upcoming issue of The New York Law Journal. Although our firm receives significant awards regularly, the heritage and prestige behind this award set it apart from others.

We hope that the publicity from the award and the information shared in The New York Law Journal helps raise awareness of the importance of excellence in the field of family law. As James Nolletti noted, “We have long promoted the idea that families resolving their futures deserve the same level of expertise in handling complex financial situations as commercial enterprises completing big financial deals. This award shows that clients and other attorneys alike understand our dedication to providing the service at the highest level.”

The Meaning of Ratings in the Martindale-Hubbell System

Martindale-Hubbell rated James Nolletti as “AV Preeminent,” but what exactly does that mean? The company developed the dual letter rating system to account for an attorney’s legal skills and ethical standards. The first letter refers to ability, so naturally “A” is the top ranking. When a “V” is added to the letter ranking, that indicates that an attorney is also rated by peers as having “very high” ethical standards.

Over time, Martindale-Hubbell discontinued most of the letter rankings, except at the highest level. Attorneys who are esteemed by their peers but don’t have the number of recommendations as “AV Preeminent” attorneys may qualify to be ranked as “Distinguished” or “Notable.” While all three ratings indicate that an attorney has earned respect from other attorneys in their field, an AV Preeminent rating indicates the “highest level of professional excellence.”

Commitment to Excellence Going Forward

This is of course, not the first time James Nolletti has received a prestigious award or been recognized by clients and colleagues for his outstanding abilities and leadership. What is remarkable is the continued dedication to excellence day in, and day out, in all matters, great and small. Not content to rest on his laurels, James Nolletti continues to provide the best for clients and to inspire and teach others to do the same.

As we wind up the year, we take the opportunity to reflect on achievements and set goals for the future. At Nolletti Law Group, we appreciate the relationship we have with our clients and look forward to continued excellence as we move ahead into the new year.